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Students' Union

Aims and Objectives of the Students' Union

Ever since its establishment in 1981, we contributed ourselves to act as a bridge between the Josephians and the school authority. We aim at:

(a) enhancing the sense of integrity and belonging among Josephian;
(b) upholding their discipline;
(c) acting as a communication gateway among all the societies.

Structure of the Students' Union

This year, the Students' Union consists of 13 Executive Committee Members. They always devote themselves fully to the Union.

The Executive Committee of Students' Union

The Committee List of the Student's Union 2001-2002

Executive Committee Members

Post Name Class Email
President Eric Lau L.6B
Vice-President Rayson Chan L.6A
Vice-President Felix Ng L.6C
Internal Secretary Alvin Yu L.6C
Internal Secretary Kilian Chan L.6B
External Secretary Donald Chan L.6B
Head Prefect Alex Tang L.6C
Financial Secretary Bobby King L.6B
I.T. Secretary Chan Ching Bun L.6B
Marketing Secretary Kelvin Wan L.6B
Student Co-ordinator Stephen Cheng L.6A
Club Co-ordinator Jonathan Chan L.6B
Club Co-ordinator James Wong L.6B
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