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This is the updated list of the 2001-2002 academic year.

Data Provided by ECAM

Club Chairman
Biology & Conservancy Association Jonathan Chan L.6B
Chinese Culture Society Kenneth Kwan L.6B
Economics, Commerce and Public Affairs Society Andy Wan L.6A
English Society Alvin Yu L.6C
French Club Bosco Choi F.4A
Geography Society Eric Lai L.6C
History Society Terence Wong F.4A
Mathematics Society Ivan Ip L.6B
Music Society Kilian Chan L.6B
Science Society Hilfred Ho L.6C
Travel and Tourism Club Neil Chan L.6A
General Interests
Astronomy Society Andy Leung L.6A
Board, Card and Role-Playing Games Club David Ching F.4E
Bridge Club Lester Wan L.6C
Drama Club Eric Lai L.6B
Electronics and Computer Society Matsuta Ng L.6B
Library Society Kelvin Wan L.6B
Literature Connection Ivan Siu F.4E
Melodica Band Ray Cheng F.3E
Philatelic Society Bernard Lam L.6C
Speech Club Terence Luk F.4E
Young Writers' Club Loke Yue Hin F.4E
Religion & Community Services
Christian Union Felix Ng L.6C
Award for Young People Sunny Lui L.6C
Interact Club Donald Chan L.6B
Social Service Group Bobby King L.6B
St. John Ambulance Andy Hui L.6A
Red Cross Unit 17 Cheung Yu Hang F.4C
1st Hong Kong Scout Troop Kwok Tim Chi F.4D
1st Hong Kong Venture Scout Unit Rayson Chan L.6A
Athletic Club Alex Tang L.6C
Aquatic Club Lo Kwok Hung L.6A
Badminton Club Arthor Chow L.6C
Basketball Club Ng Chi Yan L.6A
Bowling Club Vincent Pong L.6B
Football Club Chow Wing Sing U.6C
Table Tennis Club Eddie Cheung L.6C
Volleyball Society James Wong L.6B


The club guidelines aim at maintaining good co-ordination between all clubs, giving advice on both internal and external activities, eliminating conflicts between various clubs and reflecting the opinions of the clubs to the School. For details of the guidelines, please click here.


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