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Green and White Editorial Board

Aims and Objectives

The editorial Board is one of the two publications units in St. Joseph's College. We focus mainly on the journalism in a traditional way - with ink on paper. Throughout the year, we brought Josephians to a better understanding of the school and its environment, as well as the neck of sensitivity to changes happening around them.

The Committee Members of the Academic Year 2001/2002

Post Name Class
Editor-in-Chief Ko Ting Yan L.6C
Vice-Editor-in-Chief Chan Ching Bun L.6B
Chinese Section Head Alex Tang L.6C
Chinese Section Assistant Head Wilson Wong L.6B
Bendix Li L.6B
English Section Head Alvin Yu L.6C
English Section Assistant Head Barry Leung L.6C
Stephen Tsui L.6C
Administrative Officer Kilian Chan L.6B
Financial Secretary Raymond Lui L.6C
Chief Designer Marcus Lam L.6C
Deputy Chief Designer Henry Cheung L.6C
Chief Photographer Matsuta Ng L.6B

Post Name Class
Chinese Editors Brian Wong F.4A
Au Ka Hong F.4E
Ivan Siu F.4E
Eric Chan F.4E
Ted Hui F.3E
Steve Ho F.3E
Chan Wing F.3E
Andrew Lee F.3E
Koo Lik Hong F.4C

Post Name Class
English Editors Henry Wong F.4D
Tse Chi Hon F.4E
Fung Cheuk Yan F.4E
Aldis Sung F.3E
Jeff Lin F.3E
Rason Lee F.3E
Anderson Tsang F.3E
Roger Phang F.3E
Terence Wong F.4A
Gary Yu F.3C

Post Name Class
Photographers Warren Lai L.6C
Raymond Lui L.6C
Simon Wu L.6C
Peter Ng L.6B
Au Ka Hong F.4E
Imaging Director Eric Lai L.6C

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