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Value Education and Academic Promotion Team

(A member of the Value Education Board)

The Value Education and Academic Promotion Team was established in 1997. It aims to promote moral and value education so as to raise the sense of commitment and personal responsibility of Josephians.

Areas of Service

  • Inter-Class Notice Board Design Competition
  • Boards for Civic Education, Moral Education and Religious Education
  • EQ/AQ/IQ Talks
  • Parents' Day
  • Academic Prize Giving Day
  • Academic Boards and Miscellaneous Boards (e.g. 9 A's students)

The Following are the Teacher Advisers of the Academic Year 2001/2002

Academic Promotion Section Value Education Section
Mr Peter Ip Ms Y.F. Wong
Ms Y.F. Wong Mr Robert Ng
Ms Maria Young Mr Peter Ip
Ms N.L. Chan Mr Laurence Tsui
Mr Tony Chan Mrs Regina Wong
Mr K.B. Ching Mr W.K. Wu
Mr K.K. Ip Ms Maria Young
Ms S. Kwan  
Ms D. Li  
Ms P.S. Tsui  
Mr T. Wong  

The Following are the Executive Committee of the Academic Year 2001/2002

Post Name Class
Chairman Warren Lai L.6C
Vice-Chairmen Kilian Chan L.6B
Alex Tang L.6C
Hilfred Ho L.6C
IT Director Au Ka Hong F.4E
General Secretary Jason Lau F.4E
Civic Education Secretary Loke Yue Hin F.4E

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