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Inter-School Swimming Champions Inter-School Swimming Championship

The Inter-School Swimming Championship was held on the 20th October at the Kowloon Park Indoor Swimming Pool. More than 150 Josephians, including our professional swimmers and the spirited cheering team members, arrived at the pool around 8 o'clock. More>>

Posted : 1 December 2001
Green and White Ball 2001--"Deja vu" Green and White Ball 2001--"Deja Vu"

The Green and White Ball, held on 26th December 2001, was organized by the Interact Club. The Ball was named "Deja vu". Being the highlight of Josephians' Christmas, a large crowd of finely dressed couples waited impatiently outside our New Hall at about six. More>>

Posted : 7 January 2002
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Talent Search

The Talent Search was an event held on 29-30 Jan 02 by the Students' Union. As all know, Josephians are multi-talented. This event was a good chance to let them prove their abilities. It was successfully concluded. As expected, we have discovered a number of "geniuses".

Posted : 26 February 2002
Sports Carnival Sports Carnival

It's a sports-oriented event held by the Students' Union. Students were encouraged to participate by forming a team with friends as the team members and compete with other rivals in various sports. This event ended with an exciting teachers VS teachers football match held in the football court.

Posted : 27 February 2002

Joint-school Leadership Training Workshop

"Arranque de Cinta" was an event held by the Students' Union with the St. Mary's Canossian College Students' Council. During the training, students from both schools exchanged their experience in leadership. More>>

Posted : 28 February 2002
Students' Festival 2002

Students' Festival 2002

St. Joseph's College has always lived up an eminent name for its achivements in sports and studiues. The annual Students' Festival has always been a great opportunity for students, as well as our dedicated staff, to participate in a variety of functions and games, exhibiting their talents in various fields. More>>

Posted : 04 March 2002

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