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As family and school education play an integral part in a child's development, the Parent- Teacher Association (PTA) was established in September 1995 to strengthen home-school cooperation. To achieve this end, an extensive range of home-school activities such as Parent-Child Day Camp, Parenting Skills Seminar, Parent-Child Reading Scheme and Parent-Teacher Tea Gathering have been organized for its members. It is hoped that through closer communication, parents and school can work together to help students to cope with problems associated with their studies, families and personal development.

1. There are two types of membership, namely Ordinary and Honorary.

a. Ordinary Membership opens to:

i. All parents of pupils currently enrolled in the school.

ii. The present School Supervisor, Principal, Vice Principals, Managers and teachers of the school.

b. Honorary Membership opens to:

i. the past School Supervisors, Principals, Vice Principals, Managers and teachers of the School.

ii.all ex-presidents of the Association whose children have left the school

2. The Annual Membership Fee is HK$100 on family basis for each member.

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